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ISMLA Bulletin — January 2023

University of Reading research project: Visual images and video clips in language-learning

The following message is sent to ISMLA schools from Dr Suzanne Graham at the University of Reading:

The University of Reading is undertaking a research project exploring how helpful it is to use visual images and video clips in language teaching.  The project has been given full ethical approval by the University.

Year 8 pupils studying French are being sought as participants.

We would be very grateful if schools were able to forward this request for participants to parents/carers, to ask whether their child would be willing to participate and to gain their consent for participation.

Full information for parents/carers is given in an online information sheet and consent form, available here:


In brief, however, all data collection would take place online, outside school time (with parental consent of course), and involve learners (1) completing a questionnaire and some vocabulary and memory tests (30 minutes in total) and (2) watching some short French video clips, and having their eye movements tracked through a non-invasive, secure online eye tracking tool, followed by further vocabulary and comprehension test (50 minutes in total).

Learners would receive a £10 voucher by way of thanks for their time, and their consent would be obtained as well before data collection began.

We are hoping that the data might be all collected by February half-term. We do hope that you might be able to help us with this worthwhile and interesting project.

Further information can be obtained from Dr Zhang on anthony.zhang@reading.ac.uk  or from Professor Suzanne Graham (s.j.graham@reading.ac.uk)

Many thanks.

Suzanne Graham and Anthony Zhang