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ISMLA Bulletin — January 2023

British Council initiative: Celebrate Speaking!

Speaking a modern foreign language confidently and coherently is an important part of the MFL curriculum throughout the four devolved education departments in the United Kingdom and forms a critical part of linguistic and cultural development for all learners of languages.

To encourage participants to practise the language they are learning, or use in their community, in this initiative they are invited to prepare either:

  • A short poem in the target language (written by themselves or by another author)
  • A short presentation
  • A short sketch
  • A short dialogue

This can be a solo or joint performance but should be no longer than 90 seconds in total. The participants will record themselves delivering their performance, however under-16 participants should use either PowerPoint slides/Bitmoji/other pictures or video imagery rather than showing their faces.  Participants then upload their performance twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #CelebrateSpeaking and the language chosen (e.g. #French) by 28th February 2023, following which our language partners will select a favourite performance (the British Council will select their favourite heritage/cultural impact performance).

Those chosen by the participating organisations will be invited to attend a live virtual celebration event in March 2023, hosted by the British Council with a VIP guest, and either deliver their performance live, or allow a recording of their performance to be played to the attendees.

Find out more  and watch the  celebration event from 2022 here https://www.britishcouncil.org/school-resources/languages/celebrate-speaking

It is important to note that the main ethos for this event is to practise a language that pupils enjoy learning in the classroom, or enjoy speaking in their community, and that they feel confident delivering a performance without reliance on notes – it is a celebration rather than a competition.

Don’t delay and get involved today in this celebration of languages through speaking and performance!